Vocal coaching/speech

“With Charlotte I felt completely safe, which resulted in quick insights.” (Zeynep) 

“Charlotte Riedijk is a pleasant, expert coach on the relationship between voice use and body awareness in professional situations. She gave me a lot of insight into the correct use of the voice and felt what difficult situations do to me.”(Adrie)

Individual training Voice, breath & body awareness

Regaining power after illness or burnout, building up resilience against bullying at work and making you heard, can be worked on successfully.

By following the training Speech, breath & body awareness, you can boost your self-confidence, your defensibility, your presentation skills and learn how to express freely in different situations.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognising (too) high breathing and being able to correct it
  • Recognising and solving unnecessary muscular tensions in the vocal apparatus
  • Being able to speak at ease and well articulated in any desired situation
  • Being able to speak with a free, full voice that is carried by the breath and connected to the body
  • Being at ease while giving presentations
  • Maintaining a balanced and energetic physical posture


Please contact me on whatsapp (right side of the page), email or by giving me a call on +31 64 84 63 807.