Singing teacher

Individual singing lessons for professionals and advanced amateur singers. Working on classical technique, breath, natural sound development and body awareness in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere. A free and expressive voice in a free body is what we aim for.

Voice coach

Voice, breath & body awareness
Individual coaching for improvement of speech (quality and power of sound), breath (maintaining energy in stressful situations) and body awareness (recognising and monitoring physical reactions to mental tensions). Also to be used as support for reintegration after illness, presenting with confidence and for job applications.


Voice, breath & body awareness (groups)
Also suitable for teambuilding
Interactive training for groups, working on all aspects of healthy use of voice by means of exercises for voice, breath and speech as well as physical training and role-plays.


Exciting collaborations with renowned musicians from all over the world, with composers, choreographers and visual artists, in chamber music, opera, music theatre, dance concerts, contemporary music and world premieres dedicated to her, are the core of Charlotte’s career.

Charlotte Riedijk