Singing lessons

I feel amazed how much there is to discover within those few exercises that we did. I already feel changes and can’t wait to see what the coming weeks and months will bring. Super excited!” Isabelle

The whole body is our instrument 

In addition to my practice as a principal subject teacher at Codarts, University of the Arts, Rotterdam, I work in my private practice with (young) professionals and advanced amateurs.

Main learning objectives:

  • A healthy flow of breath
  • A free and natural, full voice
  • Well developed body awareness
  • Expressivity
  • Understanding of text and style

The above elements are closely connected. A full natural voice can only blossom when the body is charged with a flexible energy, without unnecessary tensions and the breath can only flow freely when the body is properly aligned, without blockages. A singer can only be truly expressive when voice, breath and body are well balanced.

Interested in a trial lesson or do you have questions? Please contact me by sending me a Whatsapp, an email, or giving me a call on +31 64 84 63 807.