“You have given me many insights and tools that I can use.” (Miranda)

“I would advise everyone to follow training with Charlotte to create more self- awareness.” (Zeynep)

Workshop: Voice, breath & body awareness

The power of the first impression
Workshop for individual development and team building

How do we come across to our environment?
The first impression is mainly determined by our posture and our voice.

In the workshop Voice, breath & body awareness, the power of the first impression, we unravel the physical obstacles you can encounter when speaking in exciting situations. Technique, presentation and all relevant aspects of good voice use are discussed, in an accessible and concrete way, with easy exercises.

In addition to a short introductory theoretical part about the physical relationship between voice, breath and body awareness, the training is mainly experiential, using physical theatre training, yoga, mindfulness, voice and breathing exercises.

By increasing the understanding of the relationship between voice, breath and body, participants will feel stronger and more confident in stressful situations, gain more control over their voice, develop a fuller speaking voice and speak with more nuances.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognising and remedying a (too) high breath
  • Recognising and resolving unnecessary muscle tension in the whole vocal apparatus
  • Being able to speak calmly and intelligibly in any desired situation
  • Being able to speak with a relaxed, full voice, which is carried by the breath and is connected to the body
  • Being able to present with ease and confidence
  • Having a balanced and energetic posture

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